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Avocado employs highly qualified, professional therapists who are fully trained to industry leading standards. As well as a passion for beauty they all appreciate the importance of high standards in hygiene and client care. We hope these qualities shine through in every treatment we provide.

Continual professional development is an important part of each team member’s role. As well as personal training and coaching from Claudinely, team members are encouraged to regularly attend courses to further experience their knowledge and skills.

I am proud of the people in my team, and am always on the look out for talented people who share our passion and values. If you would like to know more about our services or any other opportunities at Avocado we would love to hear from you.

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    Claudinely launched Avocado Beauty in October 2012. Her aims were simple:
    To create an environment where:

    • customers feel welcome and relaxed
    • therapists listen, understand and provide what the client wants
    • treatments are delivered to the highest level of skill and care
    • excellent hygiene is standard
    • customers experience a great service, leading them to return again and again.

    Claudinely has worked in the beauty industry in both the UK and Brazil for over 12 years. With a number of industry leading qualifications across not just beauty, but holistic therapies too; Claudinely is highly experienced and highly regarded amongst her peers.
    Her passion for beauty works closely alongside her understanding in the importance of good health. As a result, her treatments will demonstrate an expert knowledge in the science of skin care and massage for improved health and wellbeing.
    Her fundamental understanding of this science drives Claudinely to ensure that Avocado uses industry leading products with the highest quality ingredients, many of which cannot be bought on the high street or online.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am Angela I am from a small village in south of Italy. Since childhood I have been dreaming to become a beautician. I always loved the idea of taking care of people, helping them feeling and looking their best. So when I turned 18 I moved to Rome to study Beauty. I attended the Academy of Beauty in Rome. My training was intense 3 long years. I enjoyed every bit of it. I completed my degree with the highest score. On my last year at the Academy I had the opportunity to build experience in a Beauty centre in Rome. Shortly after that I moved to England to learn English and continue my journey in the industry. in October 2016 I knocked Avocado Beauty’s door where I met Claudinely who gave me the opportunity to follow my dream. Being part of Avocado team helped me to improve my skills, to learn new methods of working and to grow personally and professionally. I achieved all qualifications so far to become a specialist at Avocado team. Everything is been possible thanks to Claudinely’s support who always believed in me showing trust and giving me more responsibilities. I love my job specially because I enjoy to be part of Avocado’s family and everyday I transmit my feelings to each of my clients by delivering the best treatment they can have. I hope to treat you soon. Best regards, Angela

    Beauty Therapist

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    Beauty Therapist

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    I am Giorgia from Italy.

    I have been a beauty therapist for the past 8 years. 2 years as part of Avocado’s team. I graduated level 3 in Italy after 4 years of beauty school in my country. I then did my level 4  Core of knowledge certificate in London after I joined Avocado. I love attending training and keeping myself busy finding what is new in my field. Beauty is amazing it requires attentions and dedication.As a child  I was constantly feeling a desire to help people to feel good and look they best. Therefore I thought the best way to do that is to become a beautician, here I am leaving my dream.  I love my what I do!

    My motto in a quote is ” They may forget what you said, or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel”!

    My experience at Avocado is helping me a lot. I am constantly facing challenges really taking me out of my comfortable Zone and as result I realise I am able. I can do it. I have grew professionally a lot. I learnt new techniques, new skills plus working on a multicultural city makes me see the world in a different way! I am enjoying my journey very much. I am hoping to keep growing here with my team that now become my second family and to use my knowledge and passion at the service of every client I will have. See you soon. x

    Beauty Therapist

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    Beauty Therapist

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