Hot and strip LYCON waxing

waxingWith your comfort in mind for waxing treatments at Avocado we only use Lycon strip and hot wax. Lycon was formulated from the finest natural resins, beeswax and sensuous aromatherapy.
For additional comfort, pre waxing oil (containing lavender and chamomile) is applied before the wax, creating a barrier between the skin and the wax.

Client comfort and hygiene is a must in the salon so for sensitive areas we use hot wax (no strips). For each application a new spatula is used. Never double dip.

Every therapist is well trained with years of experience: before they get onboard, new therapists go through another thorough training with the Senior Therapist.

Face Waxing

Hot Wax

Description Price
Eyebrows £15
Upper lip £8
Chin £6
Cheeks £10
Side Burns £6
Neck £10
Jaw Line £8
Forehead £7
Nostrils £5
Ears £6
Full Face £40

Body Waxing

Hot Wax

Note: We don’t offer intimate waxing for gents.

Description Price
Hollywood £50
Brazilian £50
Extended / High Bikini £35
Bikini Line £28
Under Arm £16

Strip Wax (Ladies and Gents)

Description Price
Buttocks £16
Half Navel Line
(Strip Wax)
Full Navel Line
(Strip Wax)
Abdomen – Ladies £18
Abdomen – Gents £20
Chest – Ladies £18
Chest – Gents £20
Full Legs – Ladies £30
Full Legs – Gents £35
3/4 Legs £26
Lower Leg £20
Top Leg £22
Full Arm – Ladies £20
Full Arm – Gents £28
3/4 Arms – Ladies £18
Half Arm – Ladies £16
Half Arm – Gents £24
Shoulder and Neck £20
Full Back – Ladies £28
Full Back – Gents £38
Half Back – Ladies £18
Half Back – Gents £20
(Any small area waxed outside the area booked)*

Full Body Waxing (get 10% off): Under arm, full arm, chest, abdomen, full back, Hollywood, buttocks and full legs.

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